My Story

Hello there. I am Shankar Kumar, the owner of this website please read the entire about section. I am a BTech student and always loved the technologies from childhood. But due to some personal problems, it was difficult for me to carry out my passions at that time. But life changes so do mine.

This website is crafted with lots of effort and affection. Still, I have to go a lot more and tell the world and the people like you who are excited to know about the technologies and the tricks to solve the daily technical problems.

Presently I have started alone but soon, I am gonna make a team to carry out the demands. Feel free to contact me for any technical problems like problems in crafting your website, copyright claims, suggestions, technical advice, etc.


Me And My Team

well frankly speaking currently I have developed this website all ALONE!!!. Ya thats a big achievement for me. But in the future, I am gonna add a few of my friends to get experienced in the practicality of website development and joining the blogging world.


My Approach & Vision

My vision of starting this website is to give knowledgeable information to the audiences and give genuine tips to make an office-free living.

you will get about lots of things like how to earn online, how to make a website, how to make a decent earning from blogging, how to choose the best niche for you, all about SEO, Google AdSense, windows tricks, Affiliate Marketing and lots more.

Shortly, my dream is to transform decryptec.com into one of the best technical websites.

If you want to contact me then go to the contact page or click here.

Thank you.

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