How to add your website in Google Search Console

How to add your website in Google Search Console

In my last post, I just told you what is google search if you haven’t read it just clicks here. In this post, I will gonna tell you how to add your website or any site in the google search console. 

So the big question is – why you need your website or site to be uploaded in the GSC? Or it needs to be rank or index your page in google?

The answer is BIG YES!!!

Generally, anyone searches anything they mainly use the “google” search engine rather then “Bing” or “Duck Duck Go“.  So whenever anyone searches about certain contents that may be books movies or any information. among the viewed results you will look for the topped search result rather than the name of the website. and it even can’t possible to search like that way. Suppose I want to search for the best upcoming smartphones in 2019 then probably you will not search the name of the website to get the result. If will try to find out your answers among the top 2 to 3 results and not going to search the entire search result because you need the result rather then the volume of the pressed contents.

Another big question is what will happen if people stop visiting my website? Or what will happen if I will stop caring about the google ranking of my sites ? just continue in uploading the posts and that’s all !!!

The answer is simple. If people stop visiting my website then generally the traffic counts reduce due to which I will get less amount of ads. And thus less revenue from my website. AND THAT WILL AFFECT ME A LOT.

How you will upload your website?

Go to google and search for google search console or click here. You will be asked to simply log in. Simply log in with your email and continue.


A dialogue box appears and you have to choose the right side of the box (since you have to upload the entire website). You can easily see that one side is for the domain and another side is for the URL. Do past your domain in the domain section. 

NOTE: Please add “https://” before adding your domain otherwise there will be a problem shortly. 

In the next step, you will ask for verification of whether the domain you are using is yours or not.  You will ask to paste a code in your DNS server simply follow the instruction and no problem will be faced. You have to go to your hosting provider website and continue for the further process.

Now if everything goes good then you will get a screen like this:

Now you are done. This is where your website demography is shown. You can check the performance, overviews and a lot more. Even if you make an error in certain pages you will get the notified and thus correction is possible. More important you can check the total clicks, total impression, avg ctr, etc.

Now further extending the blog I am giving you extra tips. An important point to note that if you are the only owner of the website then its OK  but if you are adding someone for content writing then you have to add him as a user, not as an owner otherwise he will be the boss and you will become his employee. After that, you cannot change any of the settings. 

Hope this post helps you a lot in solving and clearing your issues. If you have any words for me please comment down below. See you in the next blog. 

Till then stay safe stay techy!!!

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