How to install windows 10 in a Laptop?

How to install windows 10 in a Laptop?

Most of the people are generally using windows as there personal laptop or computer OS. Now the big problem is that due to overload or some other reasons the OS crush sometimes or it become corrupted. In such situation you rush to the operator or computer technician and he give you a long list of your bill. but if you learn it by your self then probably you can save that bill.  

In this blog i will tell you how to install windows 10 in your computer or laptop. Few  of the things  you need to install windows are:

  • A bootable device(a pen drive or  a booting disk.(Click here to know how to create a bootable device).
  • A SATA cable(optional: Only if you have purchase a new hard drive. click below in the link to buy SSD DRIVE)
  • Windows licence key(Optional)

Here the point to consider is that it depends in your system to install the software:

  • Freshly Installing(No previous OS present in the system)
  • Upgrading your present windows 7 or 8 to 10.

I will tell about upgrading in the another post. Here i will tell about the fresh installing.

How to install windows 10 freshly in a computer or laptop?

First switch on your PC or laptop and press F2 or F12 as mentioned in your system to enter the BIOS setting . From there you need to find the booting option. But before that you need to connect your pen drive or bootable device in your pc. It will automatically detect the device as soon as installed.Now simply follow the instructions as appearing in the screen an keep going by pressing next. your system will restart and screen will be like this:

In the windows setup screen type down the language to install , time and currency format and input methods. After that click on “install now”.

The screen will be like this:

If you have the product key than enter it otherwise no need to worry about it. You can add it later. On passing it you will get the edition of the windows 10 versions. I will recommend you to choose the pro version with X64 version. Simply accept the agreement and click next.

Since you are freshly installing the windows so go for “Custom: Install Windows Only”.  After this the screen will be like this:

Now here comes the most important part in doing the partition of your device drive . Usually the windows are installed in drive 0 . Divide the drive according to your need and your system is ready to go. Let complete the installation. Reboot the system once again and you your device is ready.

Important things to note in mind:

Few of the thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are installing the windows in your old hard disk then you need to first back up your old files of drive C into D or F or in the external storage devices. After that you need to format the drive to run the installation . But if you are using the new hard drive for the installation then you don’t need to do this.

IN my next post i will tel you the difference between SSD and HDD. If you need to buy a SSD drive then click the link below to purchase it and support me: Samsung 860 evo. 

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