How to start a blog in less then 10 minutes

How to start a blog in less then 10 minutes

Before starting creating your own wordpress blog you have to be knowledgeable enough about the topic in which you are making your blog. Thousands of people actually don’t know the reason behind their blog creation.

There is lots of money. I really mean a LOT!!!!!!!

Ya you heard right. There are lots of money but you have to find out the topic of interest . Not only interest you have to be informative enough to grab the niche .(I will tell you about niche later on) If you are both interested and knowledgeable in certain field then your bank balance is going to to 6-digits within 1 year.

    How to create a blog?

Before coming to the point on how to create wordpress blog in 10 min few things you have in your hand to continue the blog .

  • A domain name (Also read: Best way to choose a domain name)
  • A good quality hosting (Also read: How to choose best web hosting)
  • Enough images relevant to your topic (Also read : Best place to get free images)
  • A good theme (free ones are enough to get start  )

Assuming that the above domains and all stuffs are ready, then you are ready to go. If you take my advice take Bluehost as hosting provider having a free domain for 1 year and that will be also newbie friendly.

Simply move to your hosting provider and go to the cpanel. Since i am using godaddy’s wordpress hosting so i really don’t need to use c panel.

(Also read: Why we need c panel?)

Once setting up all the setting you will be redirected to the a new page. You will find out the url like

That’s your dashboard of your website. You can see the entire design and setting from here.

Now move on to the the theme under the appearance section and you can find out the present activated theme. Now go to the add theme and search for astra or ocean WP. These are the best according to me. (my personal recommendation though you can also use other theme ) . After refreshing the page you can find out the default look of your blog.

Its time for the customization part. you need to create few page before going to the design portion.  These are the minimum pages you must have .

  • Home
  • Blog
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Condition
  • Contact Us

These are the minimum pages you must include in your website to rank quickly in google. Ya i know you must have question why i need google to get approval ? It’s all the thing google decide so stick to their terms and conditions. NEVER TRY TO CHEAT THEM!!!! I did once and get the fruit for it.

Anyway go to the dashboard and click on the pages. Here you will get all the pages of your website . simply click above on add new and add all the respective pages which i have mentioned you . blog is the page where all of your post are placed.

HO ho!! your blog site is almost done .

Now go to the post in the dashboard and click on add new . From there you will add your heading and the post. Now you are done.

I know there are lots of thing like elementor and logo or how to rank and lots of other questions but you know that whatever i have advised you in this blog is enough to get start your  blog website . Please stick to the website because i am gonna tell you the entire tricks.

And last but not the list if you have any further question please comment down below . 

Till then stay secure stay safe.

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